Laidman families
Laidman Families and Descendants as of June 2012
Welcome to this Laidman family website. Here you will find a genealogy (and in many cases a family history) of various Laidman families worldwide - past and present. However, for reasons of privacy, information has mostly been withheld for any living person born after 1911.
Surname List clearly shows that you need not have Laidman as your surname to belong to this family - only be a Laidman descendant. Clicking on a particular surname in this list will take you to the appropriate section in the Index of Names. This is an alphabetical list containing the name of every person in the database. Here, clicking on an individual's name will take you to that person's family page, which displays basic information about the person, including (where known) parents, spouse(s) and names of any children. Additional notes about this person may be viewed by clicking on the person's name. Where a camera icon is displayed, clicking on this will display relevant photographs.
You can ascend a family tree by clicking on the name of a person's parent, which takes you up one generation to the family page of that parent. Clicking on the name of that person's parent will take you another generation higher up the tree. Similarly, descending the tree is achieved by clicking on the name of one of the children on the family page, which will take you one level down the tree to that child's family page.

An alternative approach to exploring this very large database is to choose one or other group of Laidmans. These groupings are essentially geographical - either in their region of origin or predominant current population area.

Canadian Laidmans
Cumberland Laidmans
Jamaican Laidmans
London Laidmans
Devon Laidmans
Northumberland Laidmans
West Yorkshire Laidmans

or you may wish to examine aspects relating to various members of the Laidman family:

Earliest Laidmans
Laidmans of Interest
Laidman Wills

If you know that you have Laidman ancestry, you should be able to find your ancestors - and yourself - in this database. If not, then please contact me with what information you have (see details below) as I am committed to including in this database all known Laidmans and Laidman descendants. Note that research sources have not been included, but may be made available to you on a need-to-know basis.
My thanks go to Marion Harper Hopkins, Jeremy Laidman, Bill Laidman, Neil Laidman and many others who have contributed in some way to this enormous project.
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