NameClemens BEALL, 12320
Misc. Notes
1928: Lonsdale Square, Holme, WES
BirthM1902, Whasset, WES
FatherJohn LAIDMAN , 10432, Q1235 (1860-1937)
MotherFrances Wilson CLARK , 10873 (ca1860-1950)
Misc. Notes
1911 census return: RG14PN31661 RG78PN1821 RD581 SD4 ED2 SN101
Westmorland, Holme, Mount Pleasant
John Laidman, Head, 50, Married, Stone Breaker, Rural District Council, Worker, born Westmorland Withersland [sic, for Witherslack]
Francis [sic] Laidman, Wife, 50, Married 28 years, 8 children all living, born Westmorland Kendal
Susannah ["Laidman" deleted] Holder, Daughter, 24, Married 4 years, 2 children 1 living 1 dead, General Servant Domestic, Worker, born Westmorland ["Hale" deleted] Beetham
Francis [sic] Laidman, Daughter, 21, Single, Wooden Box Maker, Wooden Box Manuf, Worker, born Westmorland Hale
Margaret Ann Laidman, Daughter, 19, Single, Wooden Box Maker, Wooden Box Manuf, Worker, born Westmorland Hale
John Thomas Laidman, Son, 16, Single, Mat Maker, Cocoa Mat-Manuf, Worker, born Westmorland ["Whasset" deleted] Beetham
Florence Laidman, Daughter, 12, School, born Westmorland Whasset
Constance Annie Laidman, Daughter, 10, School, born Westmorland Whasset
William H[enr]y Laidman, Son, 6, School, born Westmorland Holme
Ivy Holder, grand Daughter, 2, born Wales Llanhilleth [Llanhilledd] Monmouthshire
Stanley Laidman, Grandson, 1 month, born Westmorland Holme

1928: Mount Pleasant, Holme, WES
Marriage31 Mar 1928, Holme, WES
Marr MemoHoly Trinity, Banns
Misc. Notes
1928 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Holme in the County of Westmorland
March 31st 1928: Clemens Beall, 33, bachelor, Labourer, Lonsdale Sq Holme
Constance Annie Laidman, 26, spinster, Mount Pleasant, Holme. John Laidman, Labourer.
Wtis: John Thomas Laidman, Ivy Taylor
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